Installation Instructions

Please Note: Due to the unique headlight housings of certain vehicles, some installation may require more work than others. In certain installations, removal of the bumper and/or headlight housings may be necessary. Please refer to your service manual for details.

All of our Xenon HID headlight conversion kits are plug-and-play. No wire-cutting or socket modification are required. Just follow the step-by-step instruction below.

Check to make sure you have the following components:
A. Ballast(s)
B. HID Bulb(s) and wiring harnesses
C. Ballast bracket(s)

(1) Disconnect the car battery. Remove the factory light bulbs. If your vehicle's headlights have dust caps, please remove them as well.

(2) If your vehicle is equipped with headlight dust caps, drill an 1" (24mm) hole to accommodate the wiring harness.

(3) Remove the xenon HID bulb from the protective casing. Be careful NOT to touch the bulb. Handle it by its plastic base. If any grease or dirt gets on the bulb wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.

(4) Put the bulb's wiring harness through the dust cap (as illustrated). Insert the xenon HID bulb into your headlight and secure. Connect the spade terminals (positive & negative) to the factory headlight wiring harness.

(5) Insert the rubber boot (on the wiring harness) through the hole on the dust cap (which you drilled earlier).

(6) Connect the bulb to the ballast. The quick dis-connects will "click" once fully secured.

(7) Find a mounting location for the ballast. Use the ballast bracket, screws or zip-ties as needed.
*Do not drill holes on the ballast box.
*Mount away from moving components.
*Mount to a secure location.

(8) Check your vehicle's headlight fuse. Make sure it is rated at 20AMPS or higher. Replace the fuse with a 20 AMP fuse if your headlight fuse is of a lower rating.

(9) Reconnect the battery cables.

(10) Turn light switch on and allow your new xenon light to run for 10 minutes.

Enjoy your new xenon headlights!

Hi/Lo Installation Instructions

1) Clean all connectors and wipe the HID bulbs and connectors with rubbing alcohol
2) Install the HID bulbs into the headlight housing
3) Connect the HID bulbs to the ballast (2 round quick-disconnects)
4) Connect the high beam control wires (small rectangular connectors)
5) Connect the ballasts to the Hi/Lo wiring harness (oval connectors with yellow rubber seals)
6) Connect the 3-pin socket on the wiring harness to ONE of the headlight sockets
7) Connect the thick red wire to the battery positive
8) Connect the thick black wires to the battery negative or ground
9) Mount the ballast and clean up the wiring harness with zip ties
" Do not drill holes on the ballast box
" Mount away from moving components
" Mount to a secure location
10) Turn headlight switch on and allow your new xenon light to run for 10 minutes
11) You're done! Enjoy!

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