:: What is colour temperature?

Many people believe that the higher the colour temperature the brighter the lamp. This is totally wrong. The colour temperature is purely a scale to measure the colour of the light output. It is a reference purely for colour and could equally be called White, Green or Blue. The reality is the higher up the scale the lamps are the less bright they become. 5200K lamps are approx 10% brighter (measured in Lumens, not degrees K) than the 7000K. If you want lighting performance the 5200K HID lamps are the best. In our opinion 7000K has the best and most attractive light output.



:: What is the difference between genuine XENON HID lights and Xenon gas-filled bulbs?

High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) is a type of lighting technology that replaces the filament of the light bulb with Xenon gas. The gas is ignited to produce an arc of light, when high voltage is applied. The amount of light output is three times that of a standard halogen bulb. The lamps also glow at a higher light temperature (closer to natural sunlight) that gives it its distinct color and appearance.

Other companies produce halogen bulbs that are gas-filled. They still have a filament as they are halogen technology, but the gas gives the bulb a bluer color when lit. Xenon-filled halogen bulbs produce little or no more light output than standard halogen bulbs of the same wattage.

"It should be noted that halogen technology is not comparable to the Xenon discharge technology, fitted as original equipment to more and more of the world's finest cars. " - Philips

They are not a true XENON H.I.D. light system.

:: How long will these bulbs last?

HID XENON lamps are designed to last for the life of your vehicle. They will run for over 3500 hours. Our lamp kits and bulbs are made of the finest materials available.

:: Could I not just purchase a stronger watt halogen bulb to get a brighter light?

XENON H.I.D. lamps are 35 watts while traditional halogen bulbs are 55 watts. Even though XENON H.I.D. lamps draw less current, they produce 3 times the light output as the higher wattage halogen bulbs. Increasing the wattage will make the bulb a little brighter but still much dimmer that the XENON HID lamps. Also, AMPS = (BULB WATTS X 2) / BATTERY VOLTAGE OUTPUT (12). So as you increase the wattage on your bulb you increase the current draw on your entire electrical system. This is critical in motorcycle applications.

:: Why can I not just replace the halogen bulb in my vehicle with XENON HID lamps with out having to purchase the entire kit?

Motorcycles and automobiles currently use a 12 Volt electrical system for their headlamps. XENON HID lighting systems require over 20,000 volts to ignite the bulbs. Once lit, they only require 85 volts to keep running. Our kits include a power pack that is necessary for the lamps to turn on. The input of the power pack is 9-16 volts. It is an integral part of the system. You DO NOT require any additional components to install the XENON HID lamp into the original socket of the halogen bulb.

:: What does the XENON HID light system kit include?

Every one of our kits is made from OEM grade materials that have been DOT approved. We will supply you with all of the necessary components and hardware to install this system into your vehicle. Each kit includes: 2 direct plug-in XENON H.I.D. lamps, 2 ballasts (transformer / igniter unit), all necessary wiring, complete and easy to follow installation instructions and wiring diagram.

:: Could I Install the kit myself?

For anyone who is mechanically inclined, this installation is considered "do-it-yourself". While a typical installation takes approximately an hour, it can vary depending on application (conversion or auxiliary). Our kits are ready to install right-out-of-the-box and come complete with everything that you will need. We also provide you a full set of easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions to guide you.

:: Could I re-install the original halogen bulbs after the XENON H.I.D. kit has been installed?

With the growing popularity of leasing vehicles, a big concern is whether or not you can bring the vehicle back to its original factory condition. Our kits install with little or no modifications to your vehicle. If need be, the entire kit can be removed and the original halogen bulbs replaced. This kit can be re-installed into another vehicle that uses the same bulb size.

:: Will I lose the ability to use the High beams?

All originally supplied XENON H.I.D. lighting systems from automotive manufacturers use a dual bulb configuration for High and Low beam. A traditional halogen bulb is used for the High beam while a XENON H.I.D. lamp is utilized for the Low beam. Our kits are intended to replace the Low-beam components of the lighting system while still keeping the High beam halogen bulb fully operational.

Some vehicles use a single halogen bulb for both the High and Low beam (like H4). We offer a kit for these vehicles as well, but the functionality of the High beam is eliminated. We are also offering the Dual Beam / Hylow H4 kit where both High and Low beam are preserved.

An alternative to this is to use the low beam H4 kit and install the XENON HID light system kit into the auxiliary lights of your vehicle. This way, you will still have full High beam functionality and will increase the effectiveness of your auxiliary lights.

:: Are these XENON HID light systems street legal?

Every country and jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations governing the use of automotive lighting. XENON H.I.D. lighting systems that are supplied with the vehicles from the factory are DOT / E approved. Our kits are also made by the same OEM manufacturers that supply all the major car companies of the world. NO XENON H.I.D. lighting system available from any source is DOT / E approved if installed outside of the factory. These kits are not street legal for use on public roads as they are. As a result, we officially endorse the kit for exhibition and off-road use and will only sell the kit to be used for these purposes. We are not responsible for customers who violate the terms of sale in which they will assume all responsibilities for any unauthorized or unintended use other than exhibition or off-road use.

Candela (cd)


The international unit (SI) of luminous intensity. The term has been in use since the early days of lighting when a standard candle of a fixed size and composition was used as a basis for evaluating the intensity of other light sources. This unit is used in measuring headlight output; basically the higher the number is, the brighter the light is.

Lumen (lm)


The international unit (SI) of luminous flux (quality of lights). For example, a dinner candle produces about 12 lumens and a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb produces 830 lumens. The higher the number is, the brighter the light is.

Kelvin (K)


A basic unit of thermodynamic temperature (color temperature) used to measure the whiteness of the light output. The higher the number is, the whiter the light is. When over 5000K the light begins to turn to blue as daylight.

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